dimanche 12 avril 2009

Fort Worth Teen Scene Vol.2

Fort Worth... seconde étape.

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01.The Visions - Route 66
02.The Cynics - I'll Go
03.The Bards - Alibis
04.Larry & the Blue Notes - Night of the Phantom
05.The Elite - My Confusion
06.The Roots - Lost One
07.Jack & The Rippers - Jack the Ripper
08.The Boys - You Deceived Me
09.The Jades - I'm All Right
10.The Coachmen - Splash Day
11.The Barons - Come On
12.The Images - My Kinda Woman
13.The Mods - Evil Hearted You
14.Five of a Kind - Never Again
15.The Jades - Run and Hide
16.The Barons - Live and Die
17.The Chocolate Moose - Take a Ride
18.The Cynics - Mister, You're a Better Man Than I
19.The Hi-Lights - Sad Sack
20.The Snowmen - Garbage Man
21.Larry & the Blue Notes - Everybody Needs Somebody
22.The Barons - I'll Never Be Happy
23.The Tracers - She Said Yeah
24.The Jinx - I Can't Go on Loving You

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Thank you! You've always got something interesting up on here!