vendredi 3 juillet 2009

Worldbeaters Vol.7 - 60's Beat Bedlam!

Worldbeaters... eller hur, tack vare Krazy World etikett, utföra, i elva volymer, den världen rundtur i garaget, med bonus möjlighet att lära sig några billiga ex utlänningar ...

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Dr Faustroll a dit…

Comments are very welcome...

01.WORSLEY Tony.How Can It Be
02.SENDERS (Les).Les cheveux longs
03.The MOTIONS.I Want Someone To Love
04.LUTINS (Les).Petit Joe
05.PACIFICS.Smile Again
06.GIFT OF LOVE.Take A Trip
07.The PLAYBOYS.Pourquoi
08.VIDRIOS (Los).Quebrados Ficciones
09.The CHICKS.Rebel Kind
10.CHEYENES (Los).He Perdido Este Juego
11.TELSTARS.Tu Sei Lontana
12.The RHYTHMS.Go With Him
13.LOUPS (Les).Pour tout dire
14.DIPLOMATS.You Didn't Want To Give Your Love
15.The KOPY KATS.Let Me Be
16.The KNACKS.Me Siento Mal Y Deprimido
17.SPARKS (Les).Rien n'a d'importance
18.MYSTICS.I Want To Walk With You
19.WITACKERS (Les).Un ami
20.BOBBY & LAURIE.Not My Girl
21.FONTAINE Alex.Tu n'es pas sincŠre
22.SPECTROS.Ven Que Estoy Hirviendo
23.TITANS (I).Non Vale Piu
25.The GREMLINS.Listen To Me
26.YORKS (Los).Abrazame
27.The FORMINX.Until The End

Anonyme a dit…

Tack så mycket för denna samling. Many thanks for this collection.

And I would love to know what the posting said before it was translated into swedish (or into jibberish rather).

Dr Faustroll a dit…

For the original french comment, check vol.1. And many thanks to Google for the automatic-surrealistic translation in all languages...