lundi 6 juillet 2009

Worldbeaters Vol.9

Worldbeaters... o kung paano, thanks to Krazy World label, isagawa, sa labing-volume, ang mundo tour ng garahe, na may mga bonus pagkakataon na malaman ang ilang mga bagay na murang mga dayuhan ...

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Dr Faustroll a dit…

Comments are very welcome...

01.The MOODS.Come On Home
02.JACK Jimmy.I Find A Love
03.INNERLITE.Baby Baby Please
04.CORVI (I).Datemi Una Lacrima Per Piangere
05.The ROCKING STARS.Flames Of Love
06.The MARKS.Out Of My Mind
07.NAPOLEONS (Les).Fou de toi
08.TEDDY ROBIN & THE PLAYBOYS.(I'm Not Your) Stepping Stone
09.The IN-SECT.I Can See My Love
10.The BEEFEATERS.I Want You
11.LIVE.I'd Like To Scream
12.SANNITI (I).Che Shake Al Mac Pi
13.The MANIACS.Things I Should Have Known
14.The APPARITION.Antes De Conocerla
15.ALIX.J'ai mon Am‚rique
16.The SAVAGES.Nobody But You
18.BEATNIKS (Los).Rebelde
19.CàDIGO 90.Tempo In£til
20.BEAT 4 (Los).La Verdad Esta Aqui
22.The CHERRY STONES.The Things She Says
23.LIONCEAUX (Les).Mourir un peu
24.The OLYMPICS.Velva

Anonyme a dit…

Thanks a lot for worldbeaters series!

Bethany a dit…

Thank you for the World Beaters! Here is something for you, if you want:

Dr Faustroll a dit…

Hi, Bethany...
Thanks for this Justin David Thomas, I do appreciate the man's work.

Anonyme a dit…

Hi Dottore !

Thank You very much for the great WB series !
And if the translation programms are not perfect yet, Your musical taste definetely is...:-)

One suggestion, though:
Could You perhaps make scans of the backside of the CDs, so we can see where the groups come from ?
Maybe You could make a download link for all of them, that would be much appreciated -

Thanks & Rock on !

Dr Faustroll a dit…

Hi Joey, I can't provide back scans of these, sorry... For those interested, tracklisting (with country) for all 11 volumes can be find here:

...more information available at in their (very complete) 60's comp database

Anonyme a dit…

Ah, thanks very much !