mardi 27 octobre 2009

The 13th Floor Elevators - Paradise Found

Le 25 octobre, à Austin, Texas, disparaissait Walt Andrus, coupable d'avoir été l'ingénieur du son du 13th Floor Elevators pour International Artists, et coupable aussi d'avoir enregistré Lost & Found, Golden Dawn, Red Crayola... Il avait également participé activement à l'élaboration du coffret Sign of the 3 Eyed Men... Alors, Walt... Paradise Found ?

Walt Andrus was head of the best studio in Houston, and in that particular period, he recorded everybody. Euphoria, who were definitely West Coast psychedelic progenitors of surf music, South Bay surf music, incredible guitar playing, power trio, the bass player out of the band that made "Pipeline" or "Wipe Out" or one of those kind of things, and a great drummer and a good guitar player. What you saw with Hendrix - the same principle, taken to its highest expression. Walt recorded this album. (Mayo Thompson - Red Crayola)

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Dr Faustroll a dit…

Comments are very welcome...

01.You're Gonna Miss Me
(First Contact Session, Andrus Studios,Houston,1-3-66)
02.Everybody Needs Somebody To Love
(Gold Star Studios,Houston,6-66)
03.I'm Gonna Love You Too
(45 Rpm - Gold Star Studios,Houston,6-66)
04.Before You Accuse Me
(45 Rpm - Gold Star Studios,Houston,6-66)
05.You Can't Hurt Me Anymore
(Gold Star Studios,Houston, 6-66)
06.Make That Girl Your Own
(Gold Star Studios,Houston, 6-66)
07.Monkey Island
(Summit Sound Studio,Dallas,10-66)
08.Thru The Rhythm
(Summit Sound Studio,Dallas,10-66)
09.Roller Coaster
(Summit Sound Studio,Dallas,10-66)
10.Fire Engine
(Summit Sound Studio,Dallas,10-66)
(45 Rpm - Andrus Studio,Houston,12-66)
12.She Lives (In A Time Of Her Own)
(45 Rpm - Andrus Studio,Houston,12-1-67)
(Alternate - Easter Everywhere Sessions, Andrus Studio, Houston, 67)
14.Slide Machine
(Easter Everywhere Mono Mix - Andrus Studio,Houston,67)
15.Nobody To Love
(Easter Everywhere Mono Mix - Andrus Studio,Houston,67)
16.Slip Inside This House
(Easter Everywhere Mono Mix - Andrus Studio,Houston,67)
17.Right Track Now
(Easter Everywhere Sessions,Andrus Studio,Houston,9-67)
18.Splash 1
(Easter Everywhere Sessions,Andrus Studio, Houston,9-67)
19.Never Another
(Bull Of The Woods - Easter Everywhere Sessions,Andrus Studio Houston,67)
20.Fire In My Bones
(Beauty And The Beast Sessions,IA Studios,Houston,3-68)
21.I Don't Ever Want To Come Down
(Beauty And The Beast Sessions,IA Studios,Houston,3-68)
22.Livin' On
(Without Horns - Beauty And The Beast Sessions,IA Studios,Houston,3-68)
23.Scarlet And Gold
(45 Rpm - Bull Of The Woods Sessions,IA Studios,Houston,11-68)
24.May The Circle Remain Unbroken
(45 Rpm - Beauty And The Beast Sessions,IA Studios,Houston,3-68)
25.Harry Kane Show,5-67

Jannell Says a dit…

Thank you very much for this share. I'm really excited to hear it!

Anonyme a dit…

Ouip, intéressant pour tous les fans du 13th Floor, avec des versions originales de pas mal de titres, souvent plus "sèches" (là, je suis en train d'écouter la version de Roller Coaster, jouée à 100 à l'heure et avec une agressivité qu'on ne retrouve pas dans l'originale, ça vaut le coup !).
Un must-have, comme disent nos amis d'outre-Eurostar...


Anonyme a dit…

- can`t wait to have it downloaded -
Thank You very much !

Psychedelic-Rocknroll a dit…

Thank you for this collection!

I love the Elevators!

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see you soon!