mardi 20 octobre 2009

The Bobby Fuller Four - Celebrity Night at PJ's

Un peu à contre-temps dans le 60's texan, le Bobby Fuller Four, alors que la plupart des groupes du moment ruminent et digèrent (avec plus ou moins de bonheur) les Beatles ou les Rolling Stones, la référence de Bobby Fuller, c'est Buddy Holly et on ira certainement pas le lui reprocher. S'ils ont bâti leur succès sur 'I Fought The Law', dont on leur atttribue souvent à tort la paternité, puisqu'elle revient à  l'incontournable Sonny Curtis des Crickets, ils ne se sont pas résumés à cela, heureusement...

One thing I can say with certainty: Bobby Fuller
was truly one of rock 'n' roll's all-time greats.

Bill Holdship  

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Dr Faustroll a dit…

Comments are very welcome...

01.I Fought The Law
02.Brown Eyed Handsome Man
03.A New Shade Of Blue
04.Let Her Dance
05.Cc Rider
06.Anytime At All
07.My Babekeep A Knockin'long Tall Sally (Meddley)
08.Vamp Introduction
09.California Sun
10.Do You Wanna Dance
11.Wooly Bully
13.Oh Boy
15.Thunder Reef
16.High Heel Sneakers
17.Slow Down
18.Think It Over
19.Moneyshakedown (Meddley)

Timmy a dit…

Oui, Oui! Merci Beaucoup. Many Gracias, El Fuller Quatro es el bestest!

Esther a dit…

Vraiment bravo pour toutes ces perles!

Mondo Loco a dit…

Bobby Fuller Four drummer Dalton Powell is a friend of mine, and lives just a few miles away from me here in El Paso! He's a great guy and still has this drum kit that he's pictured with on the cover of this album. The lettering on the kit was done by another El Pasoan, Boyd Elder, who also designed album covers for the Eagles. A great band with a legacy our city is proud of.

Dr Faustroll a dit…

Along with Terry Manning, Bobby Fuller Four was a major event from El Paso scene, too bad Bobby Fuller died too young, tomorrow should have been his 67th birthday...

The Bomber a dit…

thanks dr for your kind comments...
new shite...