lundi 14 décembre 2009

The Cramps - Songs The Lord Might Have Taught Us

Et toutes ces chansons qu'aurait pu nous chanter Lux Interior... Petite piqûre de rappel, simplement...

Rock'n'roll is so great that everyone in the
world should think it's the greatest thing
that's happening. If they don't, they're turds.

Lux Interior

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Dr Faustroll a dit…

Comments are very welcome...

01.Drug Train
02.Garbage Man
03.Rock On The Moon
04.Teenage Werewolf
05.Sunglasses After Dark
07.Mad Daddy
08.Mystery Plane
09.Zombie Dance
10.I'm Cramped
11.What's Behind The Mask
12.Tear It Up

Anonyme a dit…


excellent recording. I know it cause it is my vinyl rip.
Have fun

Dr Faustroll a dit…

Quite possible, I found this via Soulseek (with a different cover... the one here is Born Bad's one...) Thanks to Guehart the original ripper!

Musique Plusse a dit…

Ouais, merci pour le blogroll et aussi pour m'avoir fait jeter un coup d'oeil à Digital Meltdown.


Johnny Pierre a dit…

Great stuff -- thanks!