jeudi 17 décembre 2009

The Legendary Stardust Cowboys - Retro Rocket Back To The Earth + Ride Again

De même que pour Danny Cohen, je dois bien avouer qu'il me navre de ne pas (ou si peu) croiser au coin des blogs cet autre artiste atypique qu'est Norman Carl Odam, aka The Legendary Stardust Cowboy, et dont la discographie mérite bien mieux que d'être cantonnée au petit monde de l'Outsider Music...

God is my partner and he is on my side. It looks like that
I will be able to record Gospel records, be on Johnny Carson,
have my first date, and later on be in the Western movies.
Norman Carl Odam

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Dr Faustroll a dit…

Comments are very welcome...

03.Geiger Counter
04.Westward Creek
05.Stealth Cowboy
07.Credit Card Blues
08.I Hate Cd's
09.There'll Be Hot Coffee
10.Magic in Your Eyes
11.Egyptian Maiden
14.Ride a Tractor
15.Someone Took the Yellow From My Egg
17.World's Worst Titles
18.Red Telephone
19.Idiots Running Sideways
21.Red Eyes
23.Rubber Hits the Road
24.I Love My Bed
25.New Jersey Turnpike

Skip a dit…

Saw him @ The One Flight Up in DC back in 84... best show ever... looking for records forever... how cool