dimanche 21 février 2010

John Zacherley - Dinner with Zach

A dinner was served for free at Dracula's house
by the sea... The Wolfman was there, the Monster
was there, the only normal person was... ME!!!

John Zacherley

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Dr Faustroll a dit…


Comments are very welcome...

01.Dinner With Drac
02.Come With Me To Transylvania
03.Pistol Stomp
04.Ghoul View Commercial
05.Dummy Doll
06.Happy Halloween
07.Let's Twist Again
08.I Was A Teenage Caveman
09.Hello Dolly
10.A Tisket, A Casket
11.Surfboard 109
12.Coolest Little Monster
14.Hurry, Bury Baby
15.Zacherle For President
16.Little Red Riding Hood
17.Limb From Limbo Rock
18.The Spider And The Fly
21.Spiderman Lullabye

Jem a dit…

Long Live Zacherley! Great record. Thanks for sharing this. I love this stuff.

alan f a dit…

Just great. As always. Thanks Faust.

Exeter a dit…

Way Cool !
Thank you, Dr. !

Anonyme a dit…

This is totally AWESOME!!!

Anonyme a dit…

Can you please re-upload this? thanks! :)