jeudi 25 février 2010

King Uszniewicz - Twistin' and Bowlin'

Mais bon sang où avais-je donc la tête... oublier de poster Twistin' and Bowlin', second album de King Uszniewicz et laisser les lecteurs de ce blog dans le même désarroi qu'un amateur de peinture contemplant une Tentation de Saint Antoine de Jérôme Bosch (joyeux barbouilleur du XVe) à laquelle manque le panneau central... Voilà donc, avec ce billet, complété le rocanrol tryptique de Sa Majesté Uszniewicz...

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Dr Faustroll a dit…

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01.Peppermint Twist
02.I Saw Her On The Beach
03.Bop Bop Baby
04.Are We Really Going Steady
05.Black Saxes
06.Donna The Prima Donna
07.Wicked Ruby
08.I'll Never Know
09.Out Of This World
10.Graduation Kiss
11.I'm A Hog For You Baby
12.Tiger By The Tail
13.Way Down Yonder In New Orleans
14.Rats In My Room
15.Chances Are
16.Twistin' Usa

DefChef a dit…

Great, great rekkid! Doesn't this have some connection to Cub Koda??? You might've alluded to that in yr write-up, but since I don't speak-a the lang-goo-ahhhge, I dunno. But! What I DO know is that these tunes will shortly be annoying my snowbound GF as they blare outta the speakers in our tiny BKLYN apartment.....thanks for puttin' it up there!

Dr Faustroll a dit…

According to Cub Koda, the band was playing in a bowling alley in Detroit where he discovered them. He then recorded them for laughs, issuing a 45 of "Surfin' School" on his 1-Shot label in the mid-70s. According to sources close to Detroit scene, the legend is a hoax, and the Uszniewicztones are supposed to be Koda's band Brownsville Station but others from the scene claims that King Uszniewicz is "as real as underwear & twice as clean"... In fact, nobody really knows!