mercredi 16 mars 2011

The Bert Berns Story #2 - Mr Success

Bert's songs were howled or shouted or
screamed. They were the songs of someone
living on the edge, so far our that only a prayer
- howled or cried - could bring deliverance.
Cissy Houston

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Dr Faustroll a dit…

Comments are very welcome...

01.LYNN Tami.I'm Gonna Run Away From You
02.BURKE Solomon.Everybody Needs Somebody To Love
03.PICKETT Wilson.Come Home Baby
04.MIMMS Garnet.It Was Easier To Hurt Her
05.The McCOYS.Hong On Sloopy
06.MONTGOMERY Tammy.If I Would Marry You
08.HALE Larry.In Front Of Her House
09.The DRIFTERS.I Don't Want To Go On Without You
10.HAMBER Kenny.Show Me Your Money
11.BEN E. KING.Cry No More
12.The EXCITERS.Run Mascara
13.EMBERS Pat.You'll Never Leave Her
14.PUSSYCATS.You May Be Holding My Baby
15.MOSES K AND THE PROPHETS.I Went Out With My Baby Tonight
17.MIMMS Garnet.I'll Take Good Care Of You
18.LEWIS Barbara.Better Not Believe Him
19.HARRIS Bobby.Mr Success
20.ROY C.Gone Gone
21.SCOTT Freddie.No One Could Ever Love You
22.VARNER Don.Mojo Mama
23.MORRISON Van.Brown Eyed Girl
24.FRANKLIN Erma.Piece Of My Heart
25.REDDING Otis.I Got To Go Back (And Watch That Little Girl Dance)
26.ELLISON Lorraine.Heart Be Still

Skip a dit…

1st one was great... what a range.

Anonyme a dit…

Merci bien!

Anonyme a dit…

c'est dommage de poste des albums DL
le 1er en 320 bonne klite
mais malheureusement le vol 2 en 160
mais merci qd meme de l effort