samedi 3 décembre 2011

U-Spaces Psychedelic Archaeology #2

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Dr Faustroll a dit…

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01.LYNX.Just A Friend
02.WHATT FOUR.Dandelion Wine
03.The HARDTIMES.They Said No
04.LYTE.It's Gonna Work Out Fine
05.The MISSION.Calmilly
06.TIDAL WAVES.Searching For Love
07.PENDRAGON.Never Gonna Go Back
08.AORTA.Shapes Of Things To Come
09.SHE TRINITY.Climb That Tree
10.ORACLE.Don't Say No
11.The NEW PHOENIX.Give To Me Your Love
12.JOYRIDE.The Big Bright Green Pleasure Machine
13.The FREE.What Makes You
14.AMERICAN ZOO.Magdalena
15.LONDON PHOGG.The Times To Come
16.BARRY MANN.Young Electric... Psychedelic Band
17.LEXINGTON AVE. LOCAL.Along Comes Mary
18.LYTE.I Don't Believe You
19.SHADES INC.Sights
20.CYRKLE.The Words
21.The MISSION.Gailing Made It
22.UNDERGROUND SUNSHINE.Nine To Five (Ain't My Bag)
24.MOORPARK INTERSECTION.I Think I'll Just Go & Find Me A Flower
25.SUNSHINE.Dream Selection
26.STONYBROOK PEOPLE.There's Tomorrow

snakeboy a dit…

Thank you for both volumes.

kospapas a dit…

Thank you very much!!

ZZW a dit…

Le vol. 2