mardi 14 juillet 2009

The Stooges - The Complete Fun House Sessions Vol.2

I remember screaming in my head, 'This is Detroit!' And that's what
Fun House is to me, the very definition of Detroit rock & roll, and by
proxy the definitive rock album of America. The record's passion,
attitude, power, emotion and destruction are incalculable.
Jack White

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Dr Faustroll a dit…

Comments are very welcome...

01.Fun House (Fragment)
02.Studio Dialogue
03.Lost In The Future (Take 2) (False Start)
04.Lost In The Future (Take 3)
05.Studio Dialogue
06.Loose (Take 1)
07.Studio Dialogue
08.1970 (Take 1)
09.Loose (Take 2)
10.Loose (Take 3) (False Start)
11.Studio Dialogue
12.Loose (Take 4)
13.Studio Dialogue
14.Loose (Take 5)
15.Studio Dialogue
16.Loose (Take 6)
17.Loose (Take 7) (False Start)
18.Loose (Take 9)
19.Loose (Take 11)
20.Loose (Take 12)
21.Loose (Take 13)
22.Loose (Take 14)
23.Loose (Take 15)
24.Slide (Slidin' The Blues)
25.Studio Dialogue
26.Loose (Take 16)
27.Loose (Take 17) (False Start)
28.Loose (Take 18) (False Start)
29.Loose (Take 19)

Anonyme a dit…

Bravo pour les Stooges et pour le blog particulièrement réussi. J'ai un ex du coffret original, c'est vraiment une très belle pièce.

Anonyme a dit…

I've been following this blog for sometime and I'm leaving a comment for the first time.
First of all, thanks for all your excellent posts.
This one is for sale at Amazon for more than $90. I'm glad I could preview it because otherwise I wouldn't have a chance to hear it.
Not that I'm going to buy it.
Cheers form Japan,

DefChef a dit…

Thanks for putting this up's fukken incredible (duh)