mercredi 15 juillet 2009

The Stooges - The Complete Fun House Sessions Vol.3

The Stooges are not for the ages - nothing created now is - but they
are most implicitly for today and tomorrow and the traditions
two decades of beautifully bopping, manic, simplistic jive.
Lester Bangs

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Dr Faustroll a dit…

Comments are very welcome...

01.Loose (Take 20)
02.Studio Dialogue
03.Loose (Take 21) (False Start)
04.Studio Dialogue
05.Loose (Take 22)
06.Studio Dialogue
07.Loose (Take 23)
08.Loose (Take 24)
09.Loose (Take 25) (False Start)
10.Loose (Take 26) (False Start)
11.Studio Dialogue
12.Loose (Take 27)
13.Loose (Take 28)
14.Down On The Street (Take 1)
15.Down On The Street (Take 2)
16.Down On The Street (Take 3)
17.Down On The Street (Take 4)
18.Studio Dialogue
19.Down On The Street (Take 5)
20.Studio Dialogue
21.Down On The Street (Take 6)
22.Down On The Street (Take 7) (False Start)
23.Down On The Street (Take 8)
24.Down On The Street (Take 9) (False Start)
25.Down On The Street (Take 10)
26.Down On The Street (Take 11) (False Start)
27.Studio Dialogue
28.Down On The Street (Take 12) (False Start)
29.Down On The Street (Take 13)
30.Down On The Street (Take 14) (False Start)
31.Down On The Street (Take 15)

cosmo a dit…

Sur nevergetoutoftheboat blog, cette mention :
"If Not The Greatest Box Set Of All Time... Certainly The Greatest Idea For One."
La phrase me plaît.

Anonyme a dit…

hey can you re-up part 2?