vendredi 17 juillet 2009

The Stooges - The Complete Fun House Sessions Vol 4

'Dirt' is probably my favorite's Stooges song,
and nobody but The Stooges can play it right

Ron Asheton

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Dr Faustroll a dit…

Comments are very welcome...

01.T.V. Eye (Take 1)
02.T.V. Eye (Take 2 (False Start))
03.Slide (Slidin' The Blues)
04.T.V. Eye (Take 3)
05.T.V. Eye (Take 4 (False Start))
06.T.V. Eye (Take 5)
07.T.V. Eye (Take 6)
08.Studio Dialogue
09.T.V. Eye (Take 7)
10.T.V. Eye (Take 8)
11.Studio Dialogue
12.T.V. Eye (Take 9)
13.T.V. Eye (Take 10 (False Start))
14.T.V. Eye (Take 11)
15.T.V. Eye (Take 12)
16.T.V. Eye (Take 13)
17.T.V. Eye (Take 14)
18.Studio Dialogue
19.1970 (Take 1)
20.Studio Dialogue
21.1970 (Take 2)
22.Studio Dialogue
23.1970 (Take 3)

Anonyme a dit…

Thanks for sharing this set...I've been wanting to hear it, but it is hard to justify spending a lot of money on 20 takes of the same song, etc.
But as it's going now, listening to your share...I'm surprised to admit that I might very well buy the damned thing!

Anonyme a dit…

hey can you re-up part 1?