samedi 18 juillet 2009

The Stooges - The Complete Fun House Sessions Vol.5

- Who in their right mind would want
to wade through 30 takes of 'Loose'
- I would (Henry Rollins)

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Dr Faustroll a dit…

Comments are very welcome...

01.1970 (Take 4)
02.Studio Dialogue
03.1970 (Take 5)
04.1970 (Take 6) (False Start)
05.1970 (Take 7)
06.1970 (Take 8)
07.Fun House (Take 1) (False Start)
08.Fun House (Take 2)
09.Fun House (Take 3)
10.Studio Dialogue
11.Fun House (Take 4)
12.Fun House (Take 5)
13.Studio Dialogue
14.Dirt (Take 1)
15.Dirt (Take 2)

Anonyme a dit…

je vous remercis de vous avoir donne le soin de partager cette fascinante collection avec le monde. amities, ubique

NK a dit…


Anonyme a dit…

hey can you re-up part 2?