dimanche 19 juillet 2009

The Stooges - The Complete Fun House Sessions Vol.6

This is possibly the ultimate rock'n'roll story
Lester Bangs

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01.Dirt (Take 3)
02.Studio Dialogue
03.Dirt (Take 4)
04.Dirt (Take 5)
05.Dirt (Take 6)
06.Dirt (Take 7) (False Start)
07.Dirt (Take 8)
08.Dirt (Take 9)
09.Dirt (Take 10)
10.Dirt (Take 11) (False Start)
11.Dirt (Take 12)
12.Freak (Later Titled "L.A. Blues") (Take 1)
13.Freak (Later Titled "L.A. Blues") (Take 2)