samedi 26 décembre 2009

Gene Summers - Rockaboogie Shake

En dépit des prévisions de Gene Vincent, Gene Summers ne marquera pas l'histoire du Rockabilly... Comme pas mal d'autres oubliés de la chance (parfois plus déterminante que le talent), il lui faudra attendre plusieurs années pour être enfin reconnu à sa juste valeur, et il n'en a pas fini avec sa carrière puisqu'il tourne encore à ce jour!

Gene Summers was and is one of a
kind as well as being a big part of the
rockabilly scene that started in the 50's
Johnny Carroll

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Dr Faustroll a dit…

Comments are very welcome...

01.School Of Rock `N` Roll
03.Straight Skirt
04.Gotta Lotta That
05.I`ll Never Be Lonely
07.Someone Somewhere
08.Alabama Shake (1958)
09.Almost Persuaded
10.Dance Dance Dance
11.If You Don`t Come Home
12.Just Because
13.Fancy Dan
14.Almost 12 O`Clock
15.The Push
16.Broken Dreams
17.Alabama Shake (1964)
18.Susie Q
19.Baby Are You Kiddin`
20.Twixteen (Alt.)
22.Rockaboogie Shake
23.Gotta Lotta That (Alt.)
24.Domino (With The Blue Cat Trio)
25.Rock'n Roll Ruby (With The Blue Cat Trio)
26.So Glad You`re Mine (With The Blue Cat Trio)
27.Shake , Baby , Shake (With The Blue Cat Trio)
28.Down On The Farm
29.Cool Baby
30. I've Had It
31.Rockin` Daddy
32.Good Rockin` Tonight
34.Wine Wine Wine
35.As Long As I Have You

daniel a dit…

Je viens d'apprendre que Vic Chesnutt est mort ...

Paolo a dit…

wow, i just heard of this cat on Youtube, and here he is! Many Many thanks. He sounds great!